An Article about FIV+ Cats

Today in News of the Obvious: “FIV-positive cats can live with other uninfected cats and not transmit the virus. A veterinary study concludes this. Finally.”

Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine conducted a long-term study in cat shelters and drew two conclusions: FIV-positive cats can live with FIV-negative cats and not infect the FIV-negative cats during normal day-to-day interaction; and mother cats infected with FIV don’t pass the virus on to their kittens.

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Foster Caregiving

Jean with Joe
Jean with Joe

Meet Jean – A champion foster caregiver

When you ask Jean why she is a foster mom the answer is simple – she is saving the life of a cat or kitten; but she is quick to acknowledge the huge emotional benefit she enjoys when the “cats express gratitude and affection.” And, Jean says, “Loving cats is great; being loved by cats is even better.”

Jean got involved with the Guardian Angels Cat Rescue (GACR) when she adopted one of their cats. Someone mentioned the need for foster families, and she realized that it was a natural fit. She’d grown up on a ranch in California and watched her mother rescue many stray cats and dogs. Continue reading “Foster Caregiving”