Please Help Panda With Your Donations

Meet Panda, a new Guardian Angels foster. Panda was flown up to Massachusetts from Puerto Rico so he could have a fresh start in life, and to get necessary eye surgery. He suffers from a condition called entropion, which means that hairs were rubbing against both of his eyeballs. The pain must have been terrible. In addition to significant eye disease, Panda has a very severe ear infection that might eventually require surgery. And to top everything off, he has dental problems. Panda had eye surgery a couple of weeks ago and had his ear treated, and he is recovering nicely. The cost of Panda’s treatment has been thousands of dollars so far. The end of last week, he had to be rushed to Angell Memorial for a 2 day stay to determine why he was throwing up blood. Thankfully, he recovered from that episode. There are more medical expenses in his future for his ears and dental! We are hoping people can help out with Panda’s care by making a donation to Guardian Angels in his name. He really appreciates your generosity to help him get healthy.

To donate, use the link to our Donate Page. Under Add Special Instructions to the Seller, note the donation is for Panda.