All of our rescued cats and kittens are lap-raised in a nurturing environment and adopted into compatible life-long homes.

We are committed to ensuring that our cats and kittens are placed into loving homes where they will be well-cared for. So if you like one or more of our cats, you will complete an adoption application to help match you and your home environment to the kitty that’s most compatible.


Tell us about the kind of cat you’re looking for by contacting us at

Throughout the process, you’ll have access to an adoption counselor who can answer any questions you might have.

After we have had an initial conversation with you, we will send you an application. On the application, we’ll ask you questions like whether you’ve had a cat before; if you have other pets; how many members are in your family; the name and phone number of your veterinarian (if you have one).

Contact us to begin the adoption process


Each and every Guardian Angels cat and kitten receives the following before adoption:

    • Exam by a local veterinarian
    • “Lap-raised” care in a foster home
    • Healthy diet
    • Spayed or neutered
    • Vaccination for common cat diseases, including Rabies
    • Treatment for intestinal parasites
    • Tested for FeLV (some cats are also tested for FIV)

Learn about sponsoring a cat


Guardian Angels requires a tax-deductible donation of $150 to reimburse veterinary costs incurred. Our adoption fees cover only the costs of veterinary care. We make no profit. Every penny we receive from donation fees goes to the care of our rescued cats. Our financials are publicly available for review.

We have heard from some potential adopters that they think it’s less expensive to get a “free” cat or kitten from a friend or to rescue one themselves. But, as you can see by the chart below, the total non tax deductible veterinary cost before spay/neuter for a “free” cat is actually $323-$560 (before spay/neuter costs of $100-$400).

In spite of this higher cost, you have no guarantee that your new pet has been lap-raised to be the companion you hoped for. Nor do you have the option of returning the cat up to 2 weeks later.

We encourage potential adopters to compare the costs and care of both scenarios.


1st Vet visit $50-$75
Advantage flea/tick $18-30
1st FVRCP Vaccine $15-30
FeLV/FIV test $40-80
Fecal exam $15-30
1st worming $15-25
Earmite Treatment $15-25
2nd Vet visit $45-75
2nd FVRCP vaccine $15-30
Rabies vaccine $15-30
2nd worming $15-25
2nd mite treatment $15-25
Micro-chipping $50-80

Total Vet Costs: $323-560


Vet check-up included
Combo tested (FeLV/FIV)
FeLV Negative
2-3 FVRCP vaccines given
Dewormed twice (at least)
Ear mites treated
Rabies Vaccination/Tag
Spayed or Neutered
“Lap-raised” in foster home

Adoption Fee: $150

(100% tax deductible)

What’s required to adopt

  • You must be 21 years of age
  • You must be willing to provide a loving home, medical care and lifelong care for the cat you wish to adopt
  • Your cat must go home in a cat carrier
  • If you live in a rental property, we’ll want to confirm that your landlord allows cats in your home.
  • A tax-deductible donation of $150 to reimburse veterinary costs incurred.