Wista and Pretty Girl

Wista our CH girl and her best friend Pretty Girl.

Cerebella Hypoplasia (CH) is the underdevelopment of a cat’s cerebellum, which is the part of the brain responsible for balance and coordination. Cats with CH have mild to profound motor control issues. It is not contagious and occurs in-utero when a mother cat contracts distemper while pregnant. It also does not get worse with age and most cats adapt as they get older and are able to maneuver themselves better.

Luckily, Wista has a mild case. When she is excited, her head shakes and her movement is a bit jerky. To improve her balance, she walks with a wider stance. She can do almost everything- jumps up on the couch and cat tree and plays just like all her kitty friends. Her best friend Pretty Girl will chase her around the room when they play. The only limitation she has is stairs. We are afraid if she gets scared or excited, she will lose her footing and fall down the stairs. Both girls need to be adopted together and want a family that will accept Wista and see past her CH to see what a special cat she is.